Convertible Hood

     This hood is lined with Windpro and has all the bells and whistles. This long hood comes down in the front and back to keep the wind out and can easily be tucked into your jacket. It has drawstrings around the face to close it in as well as in the back to pull it out of your line of sight. The cuff is made of Polartech Powerstretch so it will keep you warm even when completely iced over.

  • Wind Resistant
  • Powerstretch Cuff
  • Front draw
  • Rear Draw
  • Extra Warm

Polartec Powerstretch:

     is engineered with tensile resilience as a key feature of its construction. This tencile resilience gives the Polartec Powerstretch a Dependable 4-way stretch that consistently rebounds after every stretch. The outer surface of this fabric has a low friction finish that reduces  irritation when worn with other fabrics and increases overall abrasion resistance. The next to the skin layer stays dry, breathable and comfortable by continuously transferring moisture vapor for rapid evaporation. The versatility of this fabric provides flexible support and warmth for reliable comfort in below zero temperatures.


     This is a highly compact knit that drastically enhances wind resistance while maintaining a soft and pliable feel. This fabric functions as an insulating, wind resistant material with the strength to perform against all elements. This fabric blocks 95% of the wind while continuing to be highly breathable.