About Us

Fabric Stitched Together is a rebranded name for Custom Sewing by Colleen. Colleen Linscomb started this company over 25 years ago when our family moved from the warmth of Texas to Chilly Idaho. My Husband went to work for Williams Pipeline and was out in the cold much of the day. The long underwear that was available was not sufficient for Idaho's below 0 temperatures. We also became a downhill skiing family. When I found Polartec fabric, I was impressed by its quality, and the fact that it was produced in the United States ( Polartec is not made exclusively in the US anymore, but we only purchase Polartec that is milled in Cleveland Tennessee).My husband was so impressed that he has become my best salesman. As my business has grown, along with our 3 children, so has the desire for our 100% USA sourced and handmade products. Our name change came a year ago when My son Josh and his wife Kylee joined the company. We are growing and I am so excited for their input as well as the skills they bring to our company.
Welcome to Fabric Stitched Together